Individual Tax Returns

Chose our experts to prepare your individual tax returns this year and you will get:

  • Peace of mind in knowing your individual tax return was lodged by a qualified tax agent company with over 14 years’ experience in taxation and accounting.
  • Double review on every return prior to lodgement to ensure you get the best possible refund and a trouble-free return.
  • Our tax expert will explain everything in detail and ensure you’re aware of your obligations and rights as a tax payer.

Partnership Tax Returns and Set-up

  • A partnership is not taxable itself, but every partnership must lodge a partnership tax return at the end of each tax year. Our tax agent will helps ensure ATO-compliant lodgement of partnership tax returns, helping to avoid ATO complications while providing personalised advice to reduce tax expenses.
  • If you have structured your business as a partnership, it’s important to understand the obligations the partnership needs to meet. Partnership tax returns are one of them. With our tax experts you can be confident that your partnership tax returns are lodged correctly and on time.

Company Tax Return

  • A carefully prepared Company Tax Return will save you money and time and give you peace of mind.
  • Every registered Australian company must lodge a company tax return each year. Even if you don’t expect to pay any income tax.
  • A company tax return is specific to your company.
  • Our expertise in company tax return preparation can help ensure your return is ATO compliant and avoid ATO audits or penalties.
  • It’s up to you and your tax agent to minimise the taxes your company pays; the ATO will not do that for you.
  • As a company owner, you are required to lodge a return for your company and lodge a separate individual tax return for yourself.

Trust Tax Returns

Our tax specialist can prepare trust tax returns and provide a full range of business taxation services and ongoing financial planning.
The Trust accounting services we provide include:

  • Trust tax returns
  • Help you understand what type of Trust or Trust Setup is best for your needs
  • Manage your existing trust
  • Advise you on how to best distribute your income
  • Structures for long term planning and asset protection

Given that Trusts are a common tool for protecting business or family assets, managing income and planning for a smart financial future, Mr Taxation can help you get a Trust that will distribute your income, manage and minimise taxes and create structures to maximise long-term wealth and asset protection.

SMSF Tax Returns

Every Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) requires its own tax return lodged at the ATO, every year. This is in addition to your annual individual tax return.
We ensure your SMSF is ATO-compliant, audited correctly and not causing a big tax assessment.